Masterpiece of the Louvre

When I went to the Louvre in Paris, I actually got to see this paining. After looking at it for years in books, I just assumed it was about 40 inched tall, but it actually is rather small.

Venice: Where Art Meets Crime (Again)

Venice, California
The Abbot Kinney Street Festival This Year.

There must of been 100,000 people attending this year. It was amazing. I decided not to set up my SICK CLOTHING booth this year because there has been too much going on with me just moving back from Texas for me to pull it together this year.

Selections From Recent Collage Series

P  O  L  K  A     S  E  R  I  E  S
This series was created to show everyday life in the world of today. I used hands and feet to show the expressiveness of the people. The circle is the complete zen self. The Pepto polka dots are the chaos and confusion of the data overload in the world.

I have always enjoyed working in collage. It comes very easy for me. I usually work on them if I can't get outside to paint, or if I'm out of materials. That is always a good one. That's often when things get interesting. I comb through magazines, or dig out my file of clippings from the previous time of working on collage. I look for content first, and then I gather things according to the colors.

Damien Hirst is the Highest Paid Living Artist Today

What a bunch of bull.

Damien is actually buying back his earlier work and reintroducing it back into the art world at the higher prices. Unheard of before now. That Genie will not ever go back into the bottle. This will probably be the trend fifty years from now. Before long, they will be trading art works on the stock exchange because it holds it's value better than gold or oil.

Austin City Limits

 I went last year to this 3 day outdoor festival.
It was amazing. It helpled that Laura and I had all-access passes. It made the heat a little more bearable. I will miss not being there this year.