I am VERY excited to be in a SOLO exhibit at the upcoming Aqua Art show in December during Art Basel week in Miami. (this is the biggest art fair in the U.S.) If you are going to be in Miami and want to attend the VIP/Press Preview party or want passes to the show contact me.



L.A. RIVER DIVER" - Solo Art Show tonight! - 417 S. Hill Street, downtown Los Angeles, Artist Reception is from 6-8pm. Near Broad Museum and MOCA Museum.


I have another SOLO art show opening tomorrow evening in downtown Los Angeles. Gallery 417 opens for an artist reception from 6pm - 8pm during the downtown art walk. The gallery is located a few blocks from The Broad and MOCA on S. Hill Street. Join us and check out a lot of new art!


I have TWO solo art shows opening in Los Angeles this week....
The first one opens Tuesday at the ArcLight theaters in Pasadena...


MY ART is going to be showcased at KAABOO, a three day music festival in Del Mar, CA on Sept 18-20. The line-up includes over 100 bands; No Doubt, The Killers, Zac Brown Band, Sheryl Crow, Bonnie Raitt, Spoon, Snoop Dogg, Ben Harper, Counting Crows, Los Lobos, and many more. Some single day tickets are still available for this upcoming show!


WARNER BROTHERS picked up 2 custom surfboards I created for set dressing on a pilot they are currently shooting in Los Angeles. It is called "Animal Kingdom" starring Ellen Barkin and Scott Speedman. It's a crime drama directed by John Wells. (E.R., The West Wing, Shameless, Southland) It sounds like it will be pretty good...

I get a kick out of having a TV crew of 3 come by my studio to pick up my art in an enormous truck. Very impressive. They take much better care of my art than I do!

DON NOVAK Owner of Hal's Bar & Grill in Venice

DON NOVAK, owner of Hal's Bar and Grill in Venice, California with a Mark Andrew Allen original purchased for his art collection.

Located in the heart of Venice on Abbot Kinney, Hal's is known as a popular watering hole for local artists. Ed Moses, Larry Bell, Laddie John Dill, and Joni Mitchell have works hanging on the walls and are known to hang out there. I had a studio and gallery on Abbot Kinney for three years in the 90's and the first time I went into Hal's, there sat Joni Mitchell sitting in a booth all by herself smoking one cigarette after another. (back when Keny was tending bar and telling jokes - before he went back to Scotland and came back!) I've spent a few thousand evenings there since that first time. Many many fun times and great memories. I have met a lot of wonderful people there over the years...  Sadly it is closing. I am SO bummed! 

"VENICE SUNSET" 24" x 24" - 2014  (Limited edition prints of this piece are available to my Hal's friends... hand signed, 24" x 24" - $95 - normally $375)



Some journeys take you to strange places.... and this one qualifies.

I envisioned a big truck with graffiti covering it and full of fresh cut green grass with a full grown oak tree in it and a tire rope swing with a deer grazing near by. I thought it would be funny to see that on a LA freeway. I was going to call it "Home Sweet Homey".... but I couldn't find just the right freeway shot I was looking for.... I spent hours looking for something I see everyday... sort of (not) funny.... so I decided I would park the truck right in front of Frank Gehry's exquisitely designed Walt Disney Music Hall in downtown Los Angeles. I added the cello player and threw in a curious rabbit and decided to call it "MUSIC HAUL." I know... it was a stretch. Me going too far with too many ideas... it would be a stronger piece without the building distraction in the background, but I couldn't resist putting it in so I could use the name... Here is a case of the 'tail wagging the dog.'


Ash Wednesday is a day to stare death in the face, to acknowledge our mortality. All of us will die. Christians who observe this holiday get ashes “imposed” on their foreheads, while a minister says, “You have come from dust, and to dust you will return.” It is a Christian holiday (holy day) that is not a biblical requirement (just like Christmas and Easter, which are not commanded in Scripture). Nevertheless, it has been honored by Christians for well over ten centuries, falling at the beginning of Lent, a six-week season of preparation for Easter. This sign of the cross hinted at the good news yet to come through its shape. Ash Wednesday is not some dour, depressing holy day because it symbolically anticipates Good Friday and Easter.


brief explanation;
I started with fake grass, .....then I added the fake sugar packet in the top right corner, (I liked the name 'Equal' as well).....then I added the body and I put in Kanye's face, .....then I added the justice scales intertwined in his left hand, (with Grammy's on each scale) .....then I added the coveted microphone in the other hand, .....THEN!!!.... I added the giant fake orange Christmas tree (read: phallic symbol) reaching his lips, as if to Shhhhh everyone with his giant 'gift' for all to celebrate,..... then I added the square over one eye, justice is supposed to be blind, but not in this case, ...I then added an anonymous handwritten note stating "I Want You To Find Total Healing," (I thought that was funny for some reason) ....Lastly I overlayed the fake sugar Nutrisweet logo 'swirl' to finish it off. I like the holy feel to this satirical piece. I was going to call it "Art Official" all along, but then once finished, I looked at it and said to myself... "JUST US"