This is the last one of this series and this one is special to me because John was my favorite. It was Ringo at first, then I switched to John. He spoke to my heart...

I made each of the Beatles in this series using their bodies from when they began as the group 'The Beatles', with their suits and cool boots. As I created each one of the works I added the head from a different time. (choosing from when I thought they were at their best) With this particular piece, I added the famous photo of Lennon taken on the streets of New York where he loved living. As with all pieces I try to be in the moment and see where the piece is taking me. With this series, it was great because I played the music of the artist while I created each one. At a certain point on this piece I added the piercing blow of blood to his chest. Then it came to me to add a cross. Logical to me because he was indeed crucified, just with the pull of a trigger instead of being nailed to a cross. I still needed to add his name somewhere and everywhere I tried i didn't like, then it occurred to me that his name resembled a thorn crown, so there it is. I know John said he wasn't a Christian, or a Jew, or a Buddhist, just 'John', but he also said he wasn't afraid of death and thought that dying was simply getting out of one car and into another, so enjoy your ride my friend wherever you are...we enjoyed your ride while you were here.

footnotes: 1. The 'This Is Not Here' phrase at the bottom was taken from the 'Imagine' video where it was etched on a window of the mansion. Sorta a pun that Yoko is not in this picture. 2. I was a card carrying member of The Beatles Fan Club - which means that I own three special records that were only issued to fan club members each year at Christmas. (1967, 1968, 1969) 3. The target - obvious. 4. "War Is Over,... if you want it" I always liked that campaign. He always wanted to empower people. Cool that he did something positive with his fame. The irony -  he died violently yet preached peace and non violence. His life was full of ironies.