poetry: brand new

Brand New
by Mark Andrew Allen
on December 23, 2008

I feel like I grew an extra leg completely brand new,
I've been writing poetry and limericks and even songs too.
It's so fun to come up with a new world in my head,
Rather that depending on what I already know, instead.

Writing is fun it makes the world anything you want,
Do you want to fly on a carpet to a far away restaurant?
How about a submarine ride to the deepest ocean?
Or ride the back of a dolphin holding onto his fin!

Do you want a goat to trim your front lawn?
Or a robot that makes you breakfast at dawn?
Anything you want It's so amazing as this,
How about a bow and arrow that will never miss?

How about flying through the air on a circus trapeze?
Or climbing the highest mountain to the top with ease!
Or sailing the ocean with a pirate and his hook,
Look how little effort that all of this took!

It's been so fun and enriching I had no clue,
I could put together rhymes to entertain you.
Why don't you give it a try? Just start with one word,
Then think of a rhyme that you've never heard!
©2008 Mark Andrew Allen

poetry: my dad

My Dad
written by Mark Andrew Allen on December 18, 2008

Well It's Christmas Time!

And it's getting cold outside, the weather reports,
And the cards come in, and so do the letters,
You know the type, a newsletter of sorts,
That reports how things, all have gotten better.

I like to read them, though some seem like fiction,
About how Johnny is doing well, with his subtraction and addition.
Well one got me this year, and it went something like this,
"I would be so proud if I could grow up, to be half the man my dad is."

Yea that is the line, that put a lump in my throat,
You see, my dad is a man, that is worthy of note.
I can't exactly say, one day when I grow up I will find out,
You see I am already grown up, there is no doubt.

I have watched him and listened to him, throughout the years,
His guidance, and patience, and laughter and tears.
He has taught me so much, I will forever owe,
Like how to treat people, that you don't even know.

It's common courtesy he'd say, to treat people right,
Treat everyone as equals, is such good insight.
There are so many things, about him that I truly adore,
He always leads by example, he's my mentor.

He's quick with a smile, that makes everyone feel warm,
It's his personality, you see, that makes all want to transform.
He makes you feel important, he encourages everyone he knows,
He likes to see people, turn into heroes.

If that wasn't enough there is more, it's true,
He has a great singing voice, you can hear on Sunday's from a pew.
He's an artist bar none, as many will attest,
These is no better than him, he is truly the best.

He has friends galore, you've never seen so many,
And spends lots of time with his family, it's worth every penny.
He's a jewel that shines bright, he's no diamond in the rough,
He's always been kind, but knows when to get tough.

He has taught me through leadership, of what is right to do,
He's always been right behind me, encouraging me to pursue.
He says never give-up, it will work out in the end,
And it always has, I never have to pretend.

"Use you imagination!" he would say to me,
When I would ask him to draw, a picture of an apple tree.
He would hand it back to me, and say you try it yourself,
And then after I finished it, he would frame it, and put it on his shelf.

Pretty great, huh? Yeah that's MY dad,
He's all those things, and MORE I could add.
But the best thing of all, is the time that he spends,
Together with me, discussing world events, and current trends.

So this is for you dad, to me you are always Daddy,
You have shown me that hope and happiness are truly the key.
I treasure and love you, more than you'll ever know,
Just know that you are WITH me, Daddy, where ever I go!

©2008 Mark Andrew Allen

poetry: a donkey and a diamond

A Donkey And A Diamond
written by Mark Andrew Allen on December 17, 2008

A donkey or a zebra, I wasn't sure which.
To write about next, it just made my head itch.
The donkey you see, is funny, but dumb,
The zebra, on the other hand, was pretty as a plumb.

Well this story it seems, will have to write itself,
I'm not ABOUT to pick, between Santa and his elves.
What a minute. Stop! What happened to the poor donkey?
I was going to pick him, I must have typed the wrong key.

So the donkey it IS, I like this story more,
I think I'll write next, about the boat with no oar.
The donkey, you see, wanted to find out if he,
Could get in the boat with that duck, and cross over the great sea.

Ok, Stop again now! What's up with the duck? Who is he?
Oh, the duck, his name's Chuck, he's a friend of mine, leave him be.
He's a good duck Chuck. You'll be pleased he's here,
Especially in a boat, with no way to steer.

So off they went, Chuck the duck, and a donkey with no name,
On a journey, in a boat, with no oars, to an island we can't name.
The journey it seems, gets interesting quick,
When the boat flipped over, and made both of them sick.

Just at that time, along had come,
A whale to see, what damage was done.
Well the boat was in ruin, no more could it float,
Perhaps the whale would make his back, their new boat.

Well the whale agreed, but she wanted to know,
Where was it exactly, they were trying to go?
Well Chuck was not feeling well, and wanted to find,
Someone that could help him fix, his confused mind.

The donkey laughed, first, then the whale chimed in,
"Are you looking for a Quack?" they said with a grin!
Yeah sort of, I guess, I suppose I want my own voice.
You see ducks are quite smart, and we like to make a great noise.

Fair enough they agreed, and took to the sea.
Chuck put together a roof, from the boat to form a vee.
And off they went, on the back of the whale,
And went miles and miles, until they saw a big sail.

"Pirates!" Chuck said, he's seen of them before,
"Their mean and smell funny, and we won't let them aboard."
The whale said "don't worry, I'll give em a kick,
I'll shove em around, and I'll make them all sick."

It worked pretty well, I'd mostly say,
Well except for one small detail, we sort of got away.
With the pushing of the pirate boat, this way and that,
The captain fell onto OUR boat, with his one eyed-bat.

Off went the pirate boat, ever so quick,
You see mutiny just happened, lickity split.
The mean pirates didn't want him, that's not a good sign,
Now he's here with us, and it's getting dark, it's almost nine!

That scary pirate looked at us all, and wanted to know,
What were we thinking and where were we to go?
Well the duck told his quack story, and everyone laughed.
The next to speak up was, the whale that was our raft.

The whale said she would like, to have a family of her own,
One that she could take care of, not one on a loan.
It was the donkey's turn, he hasn't said much yet,
He said a home is what I would like, if could ever get out of debt.

The Pirate smiled and said, Argh I have just tha right fix,
Listen up, my new mates, if you don't pull any tricks,
I'll agree to take you, to an island not far away,
Where there are diamonds and jewels, and a place we can all stay.

That seemed like an answer, they could all agree,
An island, with pirates and a treasure, just like on tv!
Hmmm, wait just a minute, those mean pirates, I remember them,
Do you suppose they were rushing back home, to work out at the gym?

Probably not the gem you are thinking, the pirate told the three,
I think they will try to find the treasure, but don't worry, I have the key!
Oh how comforting to know, they will risk, life, limb and fin,
With not much of a chance, to beat the pirates and win.

"Worry not", the pirate said, "there are only twenty of them,"
"Twenty you say?" said the donkey, as he cleared his throat of flem,
"What makes you think we can beat pirates, that smell as bad as you?"
The pirate looked at the donkey and said "I thought that was you!"

Yeah, donkeys get a bad rap, it's not really fair,
They're really nice, kinda shy, but as lovable as a bear.
A teddy bear that is, sweet and loyal and always home,
Waiting patiently, sort of smelly, but never a groan.

Then the whale chimed in, and said I hate to bring this up,
But if on land this happens, I can't live in a cup.
I need water to breath, and lots of it, for sure,
I can make this battle happen, if we make it near the shore.

The pirate told them all, to listen up, "here's tha deal,"
He said each of them was seeking something, that was already real,
"The donkey wants a home, he has one with us,
The whale she wants someone to take care of, to deal with the fuss."

"She already has it, you see, she does it so well,
She got us all here with ease, with the whip of her tail.
The duck is okay too, he's in no need of a fix.
he can out smart the pirates, with all of their tricks."

"You all have what it takes, to beat twenty, even more
You've had it all along, now let the world hear you roar!"
The donkey spoke up, and said "wait one more thing,
There are four of us here, don't pirates like tha bling?"

"Yeah, there is that detail, I almost forgot,
Those diamonds and jewels that so many have sought.
Oh wait, You don't want those, that's not what critters want,
A place to stay, there's that hotel, with the nice restaurant."

"Don't worry Mr. Pirate," the donkey said clearly
"We'll help you get your loot and escape, if only barely,
Just one thing I ask, from your treasure of jewels,
I would like a diamond earring, just one, so I can be cool."

Well the pirates attacked with all their might,
And the rest of the story, you can imagine, gets sort of trite.
But that's not quite the end, no not quite yet,
There is one final character we have not yet met.

The story seems so wrapped up, and finished and done,
I know, you are ready to play, and go have some fun.
Just remember this, there was a real quiet one,
Sitting and listening and enjoying the fun.

It's you. You were there at the very beginning,
You saw it all in this imaginary world, where we were really just kidding,
But, if YOU see a donkey on an island with a diamond earring,
You now know the story, but do you know that there is also a meaning?

I sort of borrowed a few things, from a story in a book,
It was the same only different, so I borrowed and I took.
It's a story that's been told, many times before,
I just changed it a little, and then a little more.

Do you know what story I based my this fun adventure on?
It's one that I have always loved, and never made me yawn.
Well, I'll give you a hint, there was four of them seeking things as well,
And it took them on a journey that ended nice, does it ring a bell?

Well, you'll figure it out the connection, there is no doubt,
It was at the end of the story, when the four all finally found out.
They were all seeking things that they really already had
You see, that story needs to be told by good authors and bad.

So that's my version of a story, that I think needs to be told,
To the young ones, and the middle ones, and even the old.
Now you know it too, so tag and your it,
Tell me your version of this story, because I'm done, I quit.

©2008 Mark Andrew Allen

poetry: a christmas tradition

A Christmas Tradition
written by Mark Andrew Allen on December 16, 2008
(Dedicated to my Mom)

It is getting near Christmas, the air is getting cold.
People are out shopping, the little ones, and the old.
All are getting ready, for this special time of year,
When Santa prepares all the gifts, with his little elves and reindeer.

It is the same story, year after year.
What makes this Christmas, so special, so dear?
Well it's THIS Christmas, that is second to none.
Because this time, something VERY special gets done.

It's not like the last year, oh, there was plenty of fun!
The children all played in the yard, some went for a run.
There was grand ma and grand pa, telling stories to the kids,
And a great dinner was had, especially the pie.

The pie you say? What story is this?
I thought this was about Santa, and the toys and the gifts?
Well this story is special, you'll see for yourself,
It'll soon be a best seller, and on every bookshelf.

With all the hustle and bustle, as each year goes by,
We get sweaters, and robots, and bikes, and bow ties,
And skateboards, and dolls and color tvs,
And go back home, to listen to our new CDs.

It's all is so special, to get these things, they ARE fun.
They bring smiles to our faces, but soon we are done.
We must go do great things in this world, to make it better,
Like planting a tree, or shoveling snow, or writing a love letter.

We are each quite busy, every one of us, all,
So when it comes Christmas time, we dash off to the mall.
I'll take a dish towel for Aunt Mary, a CD by lil' Kim,
And a remote controlled beer cooler, for good ole Uncle Jim.

It's fun to pick out things, that we think they will like,
And even more fun to buy, ourselves, that brand new bike.
So each Christmas it comes, and we buy, lots of things,
And why not, we work hard, and look at the joy it all brings.

But I said it earlier, this Christmas is SO special, so dear,
Do you know what makes, it so different from last year?
There are no jobs for many, some have lost their homes,
The stock market is suffering, and I feel weak in my bones.

So this year we put are heads together, and this we DID decide,
That no more can we afford, take all of these presents in stride.
We need to save our money, for important things like school books,
Umbrellas, goulashes, and even learn to cook.

It makes us stop, and look far, far, back.
To see that Christmas tree, with the toy train, and the railroad track.
We always have had the most SPECIAL Christmas of ALL THAT I KNOW,
And I used to think it was the great gifts, because we NEVER got snow.

But it WASN'T the gifts, really, but some were quite cool,
It wasn't the turkey, or the dishes that sparkled like jewels.
My friends, they all have these, and sure it really is great,
But what makes our Christmas is pie.

I know, I mentioned it before. I'm sure you'll agree,
Pies are no big deal really, but it makes perfect since to me.
But this is not just any pie, why would I waste my time to write,
No this is a pie, that will take you to new heights.

It's made of cocoa, and sugar for sure,
on a pastry so flaky, it will heal and it will cure.
And a topping so fluffy, so golden and sweet,
What makes it so different, why is this such a treat?

A chocolate pie you ask? Sure, whatever, why not.
If it's pie that you like, well, it's pie that you got.
Just please tell me, because I'm really not sure,
What do Christmas and pie, really cure?

Well, what I'm trying to say, in the most clumsy way,
Is that no matter what goes on, year after year, on each Christmas Day.
We have my Mom's Christmas chocolate pie, made with love, from her heart,
It is so good, that it sets all the other presents, apart.

If it is rainy, or sunny, or happy or sad,
We have always enjoyed, the tradition her pie has had.
Now don't feel bad, that you can't have a slice of this pie,
You can you see, just listen to me.

This pie recipe wasn't passed down, from the great ancient past,
It was simply scribbled down one day, from a magazine, quite fast.
She made it her own tradition, it started with her,
Now today it's your turn to bring the frankincense and myrrh.

The great tradition of Christmas's from this day, forward on,
Will be up to you, and only you, to carry on, and on, and on.
It's what you will find, will be the best gift of all,
To start your own tradition, it's really a ball

It doesn't have to be a pie, or food to eat,
It could be putting up Christmas lights, or making the house neat.
Maybe helping Mom and Dad, to rake the yard,
Or singing a song, or writing a card.

There are so many traditions, that we need started today,
Ones that are created, in a special way.
Will it be you, that starts the next pie,
Writes the next poem, or dots the next eye?

It will be you, You will come up with it,
The best gift of all, you will be a big hit!
Then people will ask, how did YOU start a tradition like this?
How is it your Christmas's are always so happy, so full of bliss?

And then you can give them, a great big smile,
a tradition of yours, that has now taken you miles.
Then credit this poem and give 'em a big kiss,
a say to them all, Meeeeeerry Christmas!

©2008 Mark Andrew Allen

poetry: a squirrel on a wobbly stool

A Squirrel On A Wobbly Stool
written by Mark Andrew Allen on December 15, 2008

This is a story, it's true, really it is.
It's about my friend named Bill, and his cat named Liz.
They were once going, a friend told me this, so,
to be starring, in a really, big tv show.

Oh, it was going to be exciting, and a really big deal,
The trucks rolled in, with all that metal and steel,
And make-up, and dressing rooms, and lights, and cameras too,
There were even some tigers on loan, from the city zoo.

There were people doing this, and people doing that,
Talking into walkie-talkies, and wearing funny baseball caps.
All getting ready, for the main act to soon begin,
The time when my friend Bill, you remember him?

It was his turn in front of the camera, for us to all take note,
That he had something special, something to gloat.
Well, it was really his cat named Liz, that was going to impress,
When the cat jumped from his lap, to the woman with the pretty dress.

The cat you see, was really a he.
And was the star on the show, that everyone came to see.
So Liz began to whistle a familiar song, something we all know.
That's when I knew WHY, they were making this picture show.

A cat that can whistle? Sure that's pretty neat.
I can see why all the people, had taken every seat.
This is when it all started, things began to take hold,
I realized right then, talent is nice, it never gets old.

But who needs talent, when you have a cat that sings,
Or horse that laughs, or a pig with a nose ring.
Who needs talent, when you have things like that,
A dog that paints pictures, of long haired cats.

Sure talent is nice, I played the violin once.
It made noises so bad, it sounded like grunts.
My teacher even secretly told me, before a big show,
to please don't let the strings, touch the bow.

I told my family later, what my teacher had said,
Thinking they would get mad, but they laughed instead.
I soon realized, talent can be a fickle thing,
For me it was sounding bad, that gave me my zing!

We all have something special, to offer this world,
A goofy smile, a funny joke, or a flip, and a twirl.
It's up to you, to come up with, what you think is neat and cool.
a whistling cat sure, but ever see a squirrel on a wobbly stool?

Okay now it's your turn. What will it be?
It can cost nothing, be completely free.
An idea, a plan, a story, a strength,
A recipe, a walk, a look, a stance.

It's completely up to you, it's really quite fun.
It all come down to this, so listen before you run.
It's called 'make-believe' for a reason, you must realize this,
You believe in what you make, and you'll never miss.

Then when the trucks roll in, with all that metal and steel,
We will all know, what's the really big deal,
It will be you, with your great gift, for the world to see,
Like planting a seed that turns into a tree.

©2008 Mark Andrew Allen


Mr Fish's World
written by Mark Andrew Allen on December 14, 2008

II wanted to have fun. Really I did.
So Mr. Fish I became, and had a friend named Sid.
I drew my new world, in the morning and at noon,
I drew more at night, while watching the full moon.

I wanted to express my fun and my joy.
I wanted to live in my world, as a boy.
The more I drew, the bigger I got.
Soon I was drawing like a robot

What was I doing. Where was I going.
These are the things, that I often thought.
Why am I creating this world of fun and great joy?

It's simple I thought, and simple I said,
It's because that's the world I want to live in,
with pink panda bears and blue carrots, why not.
These make-believe things are more fun and make me laugh.
Why not make a world where we can kid around with a giraffe.
Where we can have zebras as pets that follow us to school.
That's the world I want to live in. That would be cool.

Well I thought for a minute, probably more like three.
In my new drawn world, that I have made all my own.
There would be no rules, unless they are made up by me.
There would be toys and there would animals, but never a groan.
This will be fun, I thought, this will be neat.
I can now have a flying car, a pet elephant and cherry pie to eat.
There would be parrots with tails, and monkeys that talk,
There would be ducks that ride skateboards, on my orange sidewalks.

I would live in a tree house, in my backyard
With sharks and piranhas, and squid and eels too,
Swimming around in a moat, would be my water zoo.
They would keep out bad guys, because this world has those too.

I would have a swimming pool on my roof,
and a couch as my front door,
I would have a fireman's pole for quick escapes,
and would ride a flying boar.
I would give away hot dogs from helicopters,
and flying balloons,
I would sail to islands,
to play with laughing baboons.

These are things I can come up with, if I think real hard,
In my imagined world, with a really big back yard.
One so big, I can have dump truck races,
With a garden so tall, I could climb to high places.

That's all I can think of. Really that's it.
I'd have everything I ever wanted,
Well maybe a big shiny tuba, yeah really that's it.
Oh also a giant ferris wheel, with bright lights all around,
and life sized sand castles, and donkeys with clowns.

It's so fun to make up your own world.
You can be tall, with freckles, and hair full of curls.
You can be anyone, anything, anywhere you wish,
If you can imagine it, and I know that you can,
You can be a famous chef with that special dish
It's all up to you. It really is. No matter what they say,
If you want to have fun. If you want to play.
Draw the world you want to live in, and stay all day.

©2008 Mark Andrew Allen

What's The Matter With Mommy?

CRYING WOMAN,  1999,  35" x 61"  acrylic,  oil on canvas

A Group Theme Art Show and Preformance ~ Saturday, Dec 13th


This Venice art show is a multimedia appreciation of unconventional feminine role models, featuring photography, painting, installation, video, and spoken word curated by Shana Nys Dambrot.

Theme shows have always been interesting to me, because you can see many other artist's work based on the same theme. This show is particularly interesting due to the subject matter, "What's The Matter With Mommy?"

This will be another exclusive, VIP sort of thing, so make sure you RSVP before going, otherwise, you won't be able to get in. The info is as follows:

To attend the exhibition and performance on December 13th, please RSVP@salonoblique.com for the performance evening, as attendance is limited. You will receive directions and parking info via return email.

A group theme show;
“What's the Matter with Mommy?”
November 15 - December 31, 2008
Gallery: Salon Oblique, Venice, CA
for information on viewing the show by appointment, contact the gallery at:

The opening artist reception on
Saturday, November 15th,
featured special performances.

Special Salon Performance 
Saturday, December 13
Time: 6-9 pm


The painting above is my contribution to this lovely theme. This neo-expressionist piece is from my "Beautiful Losers Series." The work was created as a nod to the famous 'Woman Series' by Willem de Kooning.

The piece is about a woman that is slowly getting 'cut off' from the world. The narrative is of her crying, yet continuing with her daily routine of drinking and trying to find her place in the world. So much distraction all around her. Her missing limbs are a metaphor of not being able to cope with daily problems because she is mentally stuck.

To view more of my work, please see www.markandrewallen.com

I hope to see you there December 13th!


Metallica and Basquiat??

I guess Lars, of Matallica has been the caretaker of the painting titled... uh, "Untitled" (Boxer). He is now ready to cash in on that painting, after spending 10 years admiring and caring for it. It will be auctioned at Christie's sometime soon. The bidding starts at $12 million.

RECOMENDED: Andre Butzer

I saw these large paintings at the Patrick Painter Gallery located at Bergamont Station. I thought it was pretty exciting work from this German artist. They remind me of Basquiat's work, but more dense and globs and globs of paint. He must of used five gallons of paint for each one of these works. Check it out. The show is up until October 25, 2008.

Building Forclosed and Trucked Away

At first glance, it looks like this truck is driving down the street with this builing.

The Secret Life of Matson Jones

Who was Matson Jones?

In 1951, Gene Moore, the display director for Bonwit Teller and Tiffany & Co., hired 'Matson Jones' to build props for his department store window displays.

Who was this artist?

Milton Ernest Rauschenberg was born the son of Ernest Rauschenberg, and Dora (Matson) Rauschenberg. In the late '40s he changed his first name because he felt that Robert sounded more artistic than Milton. Rauschenberg's most important artistic collaboration was with the painter Jasper Johns. Not since Picasso and Braque had jointly invented Cubism a half century earlier had two artists worked together as closely. "Jasper and I literally traded ideas," Rauschenberg once said. "He would say, 'I've got a terrific idea for you,' and then I'd have to find one for him." The two men shared a studio, became lovers, and supported themselves in the 1950's by doing window displays for Bonwit Teller and Tiffany & Co. under the pseudonymous Matson Jones.

Robert Rauschenberg + Jasper Johns = Matson Jones

Both Rauschenberg’s combine paintings and John's everyday object paintings had a strong impact on my developing sensibility. 

Rauschenberg also collaborated with companions and artists Cy Twombly and more recently with Darryl Pottorf.

Robert Rauschenberg 'Combined' Art and Life

Since I missed writing about artist Robert Raushenberg's passing in this blog, (1925-2008) I thought I would post an an essay I wrote after seeing him for the last time in Los Angeles.

Raushenberg maintained that he worked “in the gap between life and art.” Characterized as a “neo-dadaist” his work challenged the difference between traditional art objects and the objects of the everyday world (including everything from the “junk” one might find on the streets to snapshot photographs), creating what became known as “combines” and “assemblages.” By some accounts he sought to make “sense out of senselessness. He will be sorely missed.

I was lucky enough to visit with him on four different occasions...

"Robert Rauschenberg: In Raw Form"
Date First Published: 2008-03-24 - Time: 15:17:51

I have been fortunate enough to meet
Mr. Robert Rauschenberg on several occasions....

On Sunday, May 21st at a little after 3 pm on a drizzly cloudy day, Bob was wheeled out in a wheelchair onto the stage (he recently had a stroke and doesn't have the use of his right hand and can't hear out of his left ear very well) at the sold out Silver Auditorium at the Pacific Design Center in Los Angeles. He was positioned between Paul Schimmel, Curator at MOCA, Los Angeles and Calvin Thompkins,
author of the Rauschenberg biography "Off The Wall."

He was introduced by Paul as the "Father of Post Modernism." hmmm. that sounds like a pretty big title. Bob kinda of looked up to the ceiling hearing that and looked thoughtful. After Paul said Bob needed no introduction he proceeded to give a VERY long introduction. I started to wonder if Bob was able to speak or not! Finally....Bob talked....

He spoke a lot about his work with Merce Cunnigham, the avant-garde dancer. They traveled together on a tour for about 3 years performing these very unusual performances. It was at that time he was working on the "Dante" transfer drawings (I assume because they were on the road) But he created a lot of his most important work during this time for the theater. Work that must be able to collapse down and fit into the back of a Volkswagon bus and travel to the next show. I thought it was very interesting that he created art with whatever he could while on the raod. That is when he came up with so many interesting ideas like the turtles with the flash lights attached to their backs. One is still alive and holding court in Bob's New York City studio. He mentioned at one point, "I'm the best non-dancer in the world." A side note,... he didn't talk much about Jasper John (his former companion) . He rarely does. Another interesting thing... his son Chris (I think that is his name) from his marriage to Susan was there. (Bob was still in the closet back then, I suppose.)

He spoke about the creation process. This is one of my favorite things about Bob.... He said the IMMEDIACY of the PROCESS was very important to him. He said it comes down to "what you had for breakfast that day, what you got in the mail that day." How important. After some thought, I remember a documentary on John Lennon, another genius in his own time, who spoke of the same concept. A guy had snuck onto this Beatle's property and was discovered by the groundskeeper. When confronted by Lennon, he said all he wanted to do was meet the Beatle and tell him that they thought about things exactly the same. He mentioned lyrics to some of his songs and said John was speaking to 'him.' John said he was 'full-of-it'. He said that his songs were about the immediacy of what he was experiencing that day he wrote any given song. He said it depends on so many things. What he had for breakfast, who he talked to on the phone, etc. the same idea of IMMEDIACY.

Back to Bob,... he was asked about why he seemed to not of created art for 3 years in the 50's. . He corrected them by saying that he was working the whole time. Just not showing his work. At this time, he still had not sold ANYTHING! He said "sometimes you have to drop out to stand forward." I liked that. Yeah. I can relate. I personally work ALL OF THE TIME, but I don't always go public with it either. hmmm. Good thoughts to ponder.

Then he was asked about why he chose the color RED for one of his series back then..... now here was a time that I thought to myself,... okay,... I've heard him answer this question before, how lucid is he at 80 years old...?... Well, after a long uncomfortable pause, as I am pressing my toes through the soles of my newly bought Basquiat shoes... [another blog]... he answered it correctly.... and brilliantly. He said, "I chose the color RED because it was the most difficult color to use. I wanted to challenge myself." That 'challenging thing' was probably from his influence of his adversarial (and beloved) teacher, Joseph Albers of Black Mountain College.

He also told a funny story about the infamous goat in the piece named 'Monogram' This is the piece that is a canvas on the floor with a goat standing on it. He told of passing by this office supply store and saw this goat in the window. He thought, hmmm, I am going to go inside and ask why the goat was in the window. Well, the owner said, you know, I have been in the office supply business a long time. I get so many big boxes that come though here every month that I have gotten pretty good at guessing what is in the box without even opening it. Well,.... pretty good that is!. There stood this scraggly goat with matted hair. Not so good a guessing that day, I suppose! Bob asked the fellow, how much would he sell the goat for? The man promptly said I wouldn't sell it, but if he did, it would be for 30 dollars! Bob only had 15 dollars on him, which was his entire months rent. (1952 or so), so he said he would be back as soon as he could, with the rest of the money. Well, it took him a while to get the rest of the money together. When he did, he went back to 52 Street, (I think he said) and found that the guy had gone out of business. So he got the goat for 15 bucks. Paul laughed and said that the guy from that store owns half of 'Monogram' (now worth millions, I'm sure). Bob, went, hmmmm. He probably won't be telling that story again! He said he painted the canvas that the goat stands on, on the ground. He said he painted it to be a garden for the goat. I can't help but think of Picasso's famous sculpture of a goat that he took to each house he moved to. That goat stood guard outside of each home in the South of France. Not so much with Bob's goat though.... His goat, after several bottles of HUMAN shampoo (because, where do you find good goat shampoo) to clear up the matted fur (this is a long haired goat), Add to that the goat had paint globbed onto the it's snout. People were very offended at that and the rubber tire around the belly of the goat. But that is what made it great.

A few other quotes of the day....

"If it doesn't FRIGHTEN or CHALLENGE me, I move on"

"All I had was me, and I wanted to make something"

"I came out of poverty, doesn't everything (good)?

"Naming my pieces is sometimes the best part"
(He really loves naming his pieces, I thought that was interesting.)

"It's another ADVENTURE"

BTW- He was born in Port Arthur, Texas, and lived there until he was 17.

The Museum of Contemporary Art, Los Angels, CA.

Go see it if you can!
ps - he was actually at the members opening the night before as well. Such a trooper. He so loves to enjoy life and have a good time. God Bless Him. He has made an enormous contribution to the art world.

And so it goes. I suppose...

Warhol and Basquiat

Shortly before Andy Warhol died he posed for this great poster of the show he and Basquiat did together. Very interesting work that they created together. Warhol started each canvas, and Jean Michel would paint it out.

Watch Warhol and Basquiat on YouTube

Best Tattoo I Have Ever Seen

I've always said if I was to get a tattoo, I would make it look like something other than a tattoo. Something like this is a good start.
Ah, Candyland.....

This one actually looks like it was painted on.

Masterpiece of the Louvre

When I went to the Louvre in Paris, I actually got to see this paining. After looking at it for years in books, I just assumed it was about 40 inched tall, but it actually is rather small.

Venice: Where Art Meets Crime (Again)

Venice, California
The Abbot Kinney Street Festival This Year.

There must of been 100,000 people attending this year. It was amazing. I decided not to set up my SICK CLOTHING booth this year because there has been too much going on with me just moving back from Texas for me to pull it together this year.

Selections From Recent Collage Series

P  O  L  K  A     S  E  R  I  E  S
This series was created to show everyday life in the world of today. I used hands and feet to show the expressiveness of the people. The circle is the complete zen self. The Pepto polka dots are the chaos and confusion of the data overload in the world.

I have always enjoyed working in collage. It comes very easy for me. I usually work on them if I can't get outside to paint, or if I'm out of materials. That is always a good one. That's often when things get interesting. I comb through magazines, or dig out my file of clippings from the previous time of working on collage. I look for content first, and then I gather things according to the colors.

Damien Hirst is the Highest Paid Living Artist Today

What a bunch of bull.

Damien is actually buying back his earlier work and reintroducing it back into the art world at the higher prices. Unheard of before now. That Genie will not ever go back into the bottle. This will probably be the trend fifty years from now. Before long, they will be trading art works on the stock exchange because it holds it's value better than gold or oil.

Austin City Limits

 I went last year to this 3 day outdoor festival.
It was amazing. It helpled that Laura and I had all-access passes. It made the heat a little more bearable. I will miss not being there this year.