poetry: brand new

Brand New
by Mark Andrew Allen
on December 23, 2008

I feel like I grew an extra leg completely brand new,
I've been writing poetry and limericks and even songs too.
It's so fun to come up with a new world in my head,
Rather that depending on what I already know, instead.

Writing is fun it makes the world anything you want,
Do you want to fly on a carpet to a far away restaurant?
How about a submarine ride to the deepest ocean?
Or ride the back of a dolphin holding onto his fin!

Do you want a goat to trim your front lawn?
Or a robot that makes you breakfast at dawn?
Anything you want It's so amazing as this,
How about a bow and arrow that will never miss?

How about flying through the air on a circus trapeze?
Or climbing the highest mountain to the top with ease!
Or sailing the ocean with a pirate and his hook,
Look how little effort that all of this took!

It's been so fun and enriching I had no clue,
I could put together rhymes to entertain you.
Why don't you give it a try? Just start with one word,
Then think of a rhyme that you've never heard!
©2008 Mark Andrew Allen

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