Mr Fish's World
written by Mark Andrew Allen on December 14, 2008

II wanted to have fun. Really I did.
So Mr. Fish I became, and had a friend named Sid.
I drew my new world, in the morning and at noon,
I drew more at night, while watching the full moon.

I wanted to express my fun and my joy.
I wanted to live in my world, as a boy.
The more I drew, the bigger I got.
Soon I was drawing like a robot

What was I doing. Where was I going.
These are the things, that I often thought.
Why am I creating this world of fun and great joy?

It's simple I thought, and simple I said,
It's because that's the world I want to live in,
with pink panda bears and blue carrots, why not.
These make-believe things are more fun and make me laugh.
Why not make a world where we can kid around with a giraffe.
Where we can have zebras as pets that follow us to school.
That's the world I want to live in. That would be cool.

Well I thought for a minute, probably more like three.
In my new drawn world, that I have made all my own.
There would be no rules, unless they are made up by me.
There would be toys and there would animals, but never a groan.
This will be fun, I thought, this will be neat.
I can now have a flying car, a pet elephant and cherry pie to eat.
There would be parrots with tails, and monkeys that talk,
There would be ducks that ride skateboards, on my orange sidewalks.

I would live in a tree house, in my backyard
With sharks and piranhas, and squid and eels too,
Swimming around in a moat, would be my water zoo.
They would keep out bad guys, because this world has those too.

I would have a swimming pool on my roof,
and a couch as my front door,
I would have a fireman's pole for quick escapes,
and would ride a flying boar.
I would give away hot dogs from helicopters,
and flying balloons,
I would sail to islands,
to play with laughing baboons.

These are things I can come up with, if I think real hard,
In my imagined world, with a really big back yard.
One so big, I can have dump truck races,
With a garden so tall, I could climb to high places.

That's all I can think of. Really that's it.
I'd have everything I ever wanted,
Well maybe a big shiny tuba, yeah really that's it.
Oh also a giant ferris wheel, with bright lights all around,
and life sized sand castles, and donkeys with clowns.

It's so fun to make up your own world.
You can be tall, with freckles, and hair full of curls.
You can be anyone, anything, anywhere you wish,
If you can imagine it, and I know that you can,
You can be a famous chef with that special dish
It's all up to you. It really is. No matter what they say,
If you want to have fun. If you want to play.
Draw the world you want to live in, and stay all day.

©2008 Mark Andrew Allen

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