Some journeys take you to strange places.... and this one qualifies.

I envisioned a big truck with graffiti covering it and full of fresh cut green grass with a full grown oak tree in it and a tire rope swing with a deer grazing near by. I thought it would be funny to see that on a LA freeway. I was going to call it "Home Sweet Homey".... but I couldn't find just the right freeway shot I was looking for.... I spent hours looking for something I see everyday... sort of (not) funny.... so I decided I would park the truck right in front of Frank Gehry's exquisitely designed Walt Disney Music Hall in downtown Los Angeles. I added the cello player and threw in a curious rabbit and decided to call it "MUSIC HAUL." I know... it was a stretch. Me going too far with too many ideas... it would be a stronger piece without the building distraction in the background, but I couldn't resist putting it in so I could use the name... Here is a case of the 'tail wagging the dog.'