brief explanation;
I started with fake grass, .....then I added the fake sugar packet in the top right corner, (I liked the name 'Equal' as well).....then I added the body and I put in Kanye's face, .....then I added the justice scales intertwined in his left hand, (with Grammy's on each scale) .....then I added the coveted microphone in the other hand, .....THEN!!!.... I added the giant fake orange Christmas tree (read: phallic symbol) reaching his lips, as if to Shhhhh everyone with his giant 'gift' for all to celebrate,..... then I added the square over one eye, justice is supposed to be blind, but not in this case, ...I then added an anonymous handwritten note stating "I Want You To Find Total Healing," (I thought that was funny for some reason) ....Lastly I overlayed the fake sugar Nutrisweet logo 'swirl' to finish it off. I like the holy feel to this satirical piece. I was going to call it "Art Official" all along, but then once finished, I looked at it and said to myself... "JUST US"

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