Great Letter From A Collector

...So I'm sitting in a restaurant bar on Abbot Kinney one Sunday night, oh about 12 years ago now. Just hanging out with a friend of mine. This guy sits down next to me and starts doodling on a napkin. Just a few lines. Very non-descript. Then the lines became an abstract head, which I thought was interesting.

So I asked the guy, this stranger with an obvious talent to create, if I could have the doodling napkin.  

He said no.

So we returned to our small talk and he kept doodling and I kept babbling about whatever it is you babble about when you meet a stranger in a bar and to my surprise when I looked down at the napkin the abstract head now had a body. I told this stranger with the strange habit that his doodling was really awesome, it was really cool, so being the brave soul I am I asked him if I could have it.

He said no, again.

So back to the doodling on the napkin he went and between our bar banter and his doodling the head now became an intriguing, three dimensional figure with a woman's body and a martini glass in concert with an out of proportion hand that jumped off the napkin. The art was surreal and now I had to have this magically transformed napkin.

The guy said yes!!!

So I took it, he gave me his card and I framed the napkin and hung it on my wall. Its been sitting there ever since, just gracefully adorning my wall and I have never expressed my appreciation to the artist himself. I do tell the story to all my patients who see it and comment on it and they are blown away. And so am I, you see the artist was Mark Andrew Allen and I have never forgotten our chance encounter at Hal's that night.

Thank you kind sir for giving me that beautiful napkin that you transformed so eloquently. If I had known you were such an incredible, world famous artist I would never have been so bold to ask for your napkin. But thank you so much, it has brought me much joy and pleasure for many years and I know it will continue to do so.

Your work is incredible. Thank you.

Kevin Kelly

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