Mark Andrew Allen Takes the Crown

Beverly Hills, California

He's been dubbed "Warhol meets Basquiat with the energy of Keith Haring." Fine artist Mark Andrew Allen, Master of the Crown Royale Motif, has stunned a new generation in Asia with a rainbow-hued retro reply to Goth. Texas-born Allen's sophisticated jabs at modern American consumer culture blend playful sarcasm with vibrant text messages woven into polychromatic backdrops.

His recent in-your-Facebook group exhibition at the Coppola Art Exchange in Beverly Hills, California presented viewers with a bold collision of decorative styles drawn from his Sick Clothing line to advertising campaigns Allen has created for feature films and Fortune 500 companies. "DON'T TALK ABOUT WHAT YOU ARE GOING TO DO, TALK ABOUT WHAT YOU DID... GET 1 ONLY" series of canvases bridge fashion, music and multimedia.

"I don't like to think of myself as a game-changer, since this word has nearly lost its currency, but I do like to consider myself a style-changer in the way we think about forms of representational art work," Allen said. "Just because you wear a t-shirt, does not mean it is not fine art. Stealing from the street and reinterpreting or redefining ordinary images is the backbone of creative artists dating back to Rembrandt van Rijn. Or Van Gogh and his potato eaters."

-Quendrith Johnson

Coppola Art Exchange, 315 S. Beverly Drive, Beverly Hills, CA 90292, 310-552-5335. Gallery hours are Wednesday- Sunday 12-7

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